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Battle of “YENG-NESS ”
obviously we won the battle.
-¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи đvtx ∞ 【冰】「ching si ho mat」 (away) says:
me more yeng 😀
[eXhauSteD] – ~Sigh~ =x all messed up– [[ …zzz…]] says:
no way in hell
[eXhauSteD] – ~Sigh~ =x all messed up– [[ …zzz…]] says:
ccb so lagg lols
-¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи đvtx ∞ 【冰】「ching si ho mat」 (away) says:
-¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи đvtx ∞ 【冰】「ching si ho mat」 (away) says:
-¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи đvtx ∞ 【冰】「ching si ho mat」 (away) says:
[eXhauSteD] – ~Sigh~ =x all messed up– [[ …zzz…]] says:
i wanna Web cam wif a gurll!!!!
-¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи đvtx ∞ 【冰】「ching si ho mat」 (away) says:
pause ur porn baaa
[eXhauSteD] – ~Sigh~ =x all messed up– [[ …zzz…]] says:
bwaa how u know
[eXhauSteD] – ~Sigh~ =x all messed up– [[ …zzz…]] says:
-¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи đvtx ∞ 【冰】「ching si ho mat」 (away) says:
u so ham of cos
[eXhauSteD] – ~Sigh~ =x all messed up– [[ …zzz…]] says:
yeaa riteee
[eXhauSteD] – ~Sigh~ =x all messed up– [[ …zzz…]] says:

larrie aka xeclipse

” Just for fun ”

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Not Vista , Not Ubuntu linux , but jus Window Xp .
if u want the theme ask me 😀
xeclipse , me : larrie

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btw i didn’t edit the pic, just coincidence. lol :p

got this pic from email.. anyone can translate it? the title of the email is “Pringles (Don’t Take)”. o.O

– synt4x

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wahhh~!! see how HOT he’s…? =P`

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Last night which was 10.10.08 was so bored so i went randomly to the girls who are chatting with me asking them some silly question and this is where everything starts.

Am i handsome ? ” they were force to say i am ..AHAHAHAHHAHA. Wendy is one of the victim , and out of no where she mentioned about this ;

(8:50 PM) wendy °: OMG OMG OMG!
(8:50 PM) wendy °: that day i saw..
(8:50 PM) wendy °: an ang mo bong
(8:50 PM) wendy °: LOLs
(8:50 PM) wendy °: i was on the bus..
(8:50 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: hahahahahahahah
(8:50 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: exactly like him ?
(8:50 PM) wendy °: then i suddenly look left on the other
(8:50 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: ahahhahaahhaha
(8:50 PM) wendy °: row
(8:50 PM) wendy °: then i was like
(8:50 PM) wendy °: shit!
(8:50 PM) wendy °: got black glasses again
(8:50 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: ahhahahahahahhaaa
(8:50 PM) wendy °: wearing jeans and black shirt
(8:50 PM) wendy °: skinny again
(8:51 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: exactly like him laaa
(8:51 PM) wendy °: yea la
(8:51 PM) wendy °: Sent an ink message
(8:51 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: wat u write ? ..cannot see lehhhhh
(8:52 PM) wendy °: i also cannot see
(8:52 PM) wendy °: i draw until so susah T.T
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: AAHAHAHAHAHAHA
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: maybe too ugly : x
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: tats why
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: cannot see
(8:53 PM) wendy °: Sent an ink message
(8:52 PM) wendy °: cannot see again
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: stil don have
(8:52 PM) wendy °: i dowan do d
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: LOL
(8:53 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: i think its better for u to talk paper n draw
(8:53 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: LOL
(8:53 PM) wendy °: use what draw? my eyeliner pencil ah?
(8:53 PM) wendy °: LOLs
(8:53 PM) wendy °: wait wait i got marker

and this was the drawing

(8:54 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: AHAHAHAHAHAH
(8:54 PM) wendy °: he sit also sit like bong
(8:54 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: AHAHAHAAHAHAHA
(8:54 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: LOL
(8:54 PM) wendy °: like cannot sit straight one
(8:54 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: again again
(8:54 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: ROFL
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: OK
(8:55 PM) wendy °: ehh not bad alrdy can
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: now can blog ledi !!!
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: LOL
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: cute drawin 😀
(8:55 PM) wendy °: yu print screen zit?
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: yea
(8:55 PM) wendy °: LOLs
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
(8:55 PM) wendy °: hahaha bah bah
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: lols
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: sit oso canot sit straight
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: AHAHAHAHAHAHA
(8:56 PM) wendy °: yea lor
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: ahahahahaha
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: save ledi the file..
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: later i blog
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: HOHOHOHOHOHOHOH
(8:56 PM) wendy °: hahahhaa okay okay
(8:56 PM) wendy °: LOLs

hahaha but i didnt blog right after that cos i feel its wasted la just one thing in a post .Then from the drawing Wendy it gave me some idea also , so i started drawing Bong as well .AHAHHAHA

HAHA .there is once me n Seng meet up with Bong for lunch at Rejoice Chicken rice n we saw him smoking with this pose..stand oso didnt stand straight.. LOL

This was a drawing i drew long time b4 , When our fren Seng haven break his shoulder .AHAHA . JAVELIN-ing BONG.

HAHAHA , same pose again .

*Don’t mind bout the ugly drawin , it’s just sketches *

ok wa ok wa , don’t angry ba Bong . AHAHAH . Blame wendy for givin me such idea . =D

We are always a good couple right ? HAHAH

OK , lets talk about today ..hmmm ..nothing much actually , at night went out to Gdg Arcade again , then limteh back home liao . While Bong n Seng went with Ping to Ping’s tauke hse . I didn’t wanna go cos i think there will be alcohol and i don feel like drinking today . so yeap 😀 home ….


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Believe it or not?


Yeah, wtf. 🙂

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