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btw i didn’t edit the pic, just coincidence. lol :p

got this pic from email.. anyone can translate it? the title of the email is “Pringles (Don’t Take)”. o.O

– synt4x

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Last night i blogged till 4 something in the morning , thought that i finally could rest for 2 hours before school but i drank too much water ? kept going to the toilet .. LOL, ending up i didnt sleep. Get off the bed at 5am , cook myself breakfast and coffee n bla bla bla getting ready for school n stuff .

School – Woaa…i miss all my classmate and frens , Greeted them ” Selamat Hari Raya ” and stuff and had some puff at the usual place .I entered all my classes until …. lunch hour ..Emerson ba ..LOL ..successfully convinced me to skip block 2..so yea i did…n we went out for lunch with Tee n Chen hui.

Due to the weather , FYI it is raining thruout whole afternoon so we all sit in Tee’s car because Emerson ‘s car parked at the gym . He drove us to Sas , Seri , then back to Gdg because we have no idea where to eat . Ending up in Charmy snow ice again. Tee wanted to use the toilet only and it doesnt look good tho just walk in n use the toilet and then went off , so yea we ordered something to drink .

Emerson thought it was coffee as in coffee for drinkin because it was written on the Coffee catergory , not ice cream . LOL .. the name of this thing was somethin black n white .LOL

Pretending ” to be shy to the camera

I have no idea why i look so serious there, i guess im just too tired ..LOL

Manage to get a snap of the menu

* i think borrowin the toilet is just an excuse from Tee , confirm is he want to see the girls there one ba *

After lunch -ing , dropped Chen hui back to school and Emerson to get his car . He went home right after that.
Meeting up with Jasper for badminton at 2.30pm , so yea Tee went home n change n drove me back to my hse for me to change as well , Jasper came and off we go . Joined Gladys and Calvin at the court.

Reached home around 6+ , had my bath n now blogging down .. feeling so damm tired..LOL
i guess im goin to sleep soon unless somethin interest me to stay awake 😀



She tries to act cute but failed , bcause she just aint those cutie type girl . AHAH
* yea , she cut her hair *

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M.I.A– Missing in action

hmmm , if im not wrong it suppose to be here somewhere before i gone missing.

On the day before my 20th bday,

heard there will be fireworks at Empire n Jacin wanted to go so yea..Tee was afraid to go fetch her alone (no..not cause Jacin will bite or eat human.LOL. i guess Tee is just SHY)

We got there too late ler , so we changed our mind to just lim teh in Cafe de paris. Replyin msgs as the clock strike 12. i remember Chen hui was the first to greet me, cause she lazy to wait til 12 she msg me at 11.30 instead. follow down is Emerson , Weiting and so on and so on …wait ..maybe is those who were limteh-ing with me greeted me first..lols..cant quite remember who were there but anyway ..just Thanks.

On the actual day , boring la its a school day wanted to sleep late abit also cannot.
well , im just an ordinary person and i don feel like celebrating it. So i just went for a lil dinner with my parents and lols

they tracked down my location n send me a cake for me to make a wish on =)

Oreo Ice-cream cake

wow! i got a watch as gift from Chen hui =) LOL, OMEGA lagi. (yes , i know….my hand is damm hairy lo )

i guess that conclude my bday. yea..nothin special.
more on coming up..

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After months of chasing and tracking him down, we’ve finally caught up to him. Enjoy the next segment as we conclude our exclusive scoop regarding the missing brogger.

In Kuala Lumpur, 18th September, 2008. One of our loyal readers saw our missing brogger and quickly took a snapshot of him. This was in an elevator shaft while the doors was closing, as our brogger wanted to avoid any attention.

Surprised as we were after receiving that image, this surprised us even more. One morning, in the home of one of our other broggers, they awoke to find breakfast ready and made for them. Now, in no circumstances are you to think that they would make this up, because according to our very accurate information, their cooking capabilities are 0%. If you would pay close attention to the image, you will see a box of Eclipse Mint Candies..now, who does this remind you of? Of course..it was none other than our missing brogger, Larrie Chua Boon Huat a.k.a Xeclipse.

The meal was a scrumptuous one, and one would wonder where have he gone to acquire such advanced culinary skills. No doubt, it is the fruit of his travels. We have no idea where he went after making breakfast for our other broggers, but shortly after we received more shocking news.

This was while we were out tracking the location of our missing brogger. When we came home, our dinner was already made even with dessert to go with it. Now, why has he been dropping by our homes, making us meals? Is he trying to achieve a higher standard of culinary skills compared to our Iron Chef in training, Jerome?


(Chef Jerome learning the ways of the animal. Not sure how this applies into cooking..unless the poor thing is being lured into becoming his dish tonight.)


Back to our missing brogger. After receiving a call, that one of the CCTVs in a hotel room caught him in the bathroom making a phone call, we dashed off to locate him. When we finally made it to his room, he had already climbed out the window and took the fire escape to the next floor, and took the stairs from there.

When we finally caught up to him, he smiled cooly and took a puff from his lit cigarette. He looked down on us and said to us “Now you’ve found me. The chase is over, I’ll come back quietly and start being your brogger again.”

We approached him carefully to take him into our custody before he escapes and does outrageous things again. And so, today marks the return of our missing brogger. We’ll try our best to make sure he doesn’t run off again.



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Ever wondered what was the trick in this really scrumptious entree? Damn, you’d be surprised to find out how easy it is to make. Please read the whole recipe first before actually making them.

This is for 6 servings


  • 115g softened unsalted butter or any of those butter spreads will do
  • 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
  • Chopped parsley (optional)
  • 1 french baguette, sliced (you can slice it yourself if it’s the fresh ones)
  • 1/3 of a teaspoon of salt or to taste


– Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C

-If the parsley is fresh, chop it up until fine and transfer into a cloth and wrap it into a ball and wash it under a running tap and squeeze the juices out until it becomes orange which indicates it’s almost done.

-But if it’s dried and chopped parsley in a shaker,it will save you the trouble of doing the above XD

-In a medium bowl combine butter, chopped garlic, salt and chopped parsley. If the butter is still hard, leave it for afew minutes and start stirring once it softens.

-Next we paste the butter mix on both sides of the sliced baguettes, spread it evenly on each sides.

-Once they are ready, place aluminum foil on one of the racks in the oven and carefully place each slice or sliced baguettes on the rack.

-Cooked for at least 10 minutes or until golden brown and transfer to a warm plate or basket to serve.

– This is how it should look like in the end

In my opinion, i prefer cutting the bread 3/4 deep and pasting the butter mix in between them. Less cleaning to do after.

If you would like to spruce it up a bit, you could top it off with grated Parmesan cheese or add any herbs like chopped sage, rosemary or thyme into the butter mix. I prefer rosemary, it’s great with garlic bread.

Now go and make me proud, Bon Appetit!

i will be watching ya

i will be watching ya

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