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errr…Kevin can post the actual size of the logos..? or i juz use the previous post one logo and let the shop trace thn print out each of them..thn when meet up we see which one nice thn baru can make the decision..? but i need $$$… =X

– i juz make a sticker for my car the size is 5″H x 5.5″L double layer and it cost me $7…soo i guess if these sticker we will be making would be around $3 – $5..? cuz its only single layer and one color..? and i think its rather cheap lorr…i believe u guys can afford it ehh if it cost less than $10..? ahahahahaha

SOO PLZ MAKE UR DECISION NAOOO~!!! jangan buang masa sudah nehhH~ we have been wanting to make it about half a year back liaw lehhh….see how long is it been pending for..?? soo QUICK QUICK QUICK~!! =ppp

and the T-shirt macam mana arhhh..? =X


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like the title suggests, told some of the members about tis.. a sticker for our cars.. n since most of them are white, thought it might look nice. pls. constructive criticism only.. don want it.. gfy, n stfu.
some ppl might want it, some might not.. so gimme ur thoughts.. stickers are done by mr. kevin as always- for now =x

p.s. i kinda like 1, 3 and 5

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I found a great HD wallpaper site and thought i might share. After all, sharing is caring.



Most are nature-themed wallpapers. And what is so great about this site is you get the option to choose upon any resolution size


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I came across this poster…does it look like someone you know there?


Well, nah. Didn’t just come across it. Made it for one of my poster assignments. Approved and submitting tomorrow. Supposedly for a HipHop Cultural performance thing. Not real la of course. By HipHop I mean the whole culture, not just the dance.

Tempest is the title of my performance, meaning storm, or something like that. Pretty standard graffiti typefaces, and one normal grungy one. Original size is A3. Resized it for viewing on screen standards. Gradient of Black/Red/Black for background base, and splatter effects with layer property set to Multiply over it. Images not taken in studio..didn’t have time. So took at home like..5am in the morning. The rest should be self explanatory?

Doesn’t Ang look adorable? XD

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Sketchies #2

Lol, our beloved Ang-gu-gu with his best friend Sadako-Chan. She’s a real person btw, can go Google Images to find her. Of course the real person not ghost la.

Every morning/outing session, rendezvous at Larrie’s house. He’d wake up blur as hell.  Sometimes.  Fucker A,B and C. I’m usually one of  them.  Lol.  No salesman allowed?

Examples of what different kind of things do to Seng. Won’t go into detail. #3 is him head banging apparently, but I got lazy to draw whole structure again. XD

Lol, whose hands are these?

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Lol, for your viewing amusements. Sketches. Bear with me, its been months since I last touched a pencil.

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Last night which was 10.10.08 was so bored so i went randomly to the girls who are chatting with me asking them some silly question and this is where everything starts.

Am i handsome ? ” they were force to say i am ..AHAHAHAHHAHA. Wendy is one of the victim , and out of no where she mentioned about this ;

(8:50 PM) wendy °: OMG OMG OMG!
(8:50 PM) wendy °: that day i saw..
(8:50 PM) wendy °: an ang mo bong
(8:50 PM) wendy °: LOLs
(8:50 PM) wendy °: i was on the bus..
(8:50 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: hahahahahahahah
(8:50 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: exactly like him ?
(8:50 PM) wendy °: then i suddenly look left on the other
(8:50 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: ahahhahaahhaha
(8:50 PM) wendy °: row
(8:50 PM) wendy °: then i was like
(8:50 PM) wendy °: shit!
(8:50 PM) wendy °: got black glasses again
(8:50 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: ahhahahahahahhaaa
(8:50 PM) wendy °: wearing jeans and black shirt
(8:50 PM) wendy °: skinny again
(8:51 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: exactly like him laaa
(8:51 PM) wendy °: yea la
(8:51 PM) wendy °: Sent an ink message
(8:51 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: wat u write ? ..cannot see lehhhhh
(8:52 PM) wendy °: i also cannot see
(8:52 PM) wendy °: i draw until so susah T.T
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: AAHAHAHAHAHAHA
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: maybe too ugly : x
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: tats why
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: cannot see
(8:53 PM) wendy °: Sent an ink message
(8:52 PM) wendy °: cannot see again
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: stil don have
(8:52 PM) wendy °: i dowan do d
(8:52 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: LOL
(8:53 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: i think its better for u to talk paper n draw
(8:53 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: LOL
(8:53 PM) wendy °: use what draw? my eyeliner pencil ah?
(8:53 PM) wendy °: LOLs
(8:53 PM) wendy °: wait wait i got marker

and this was the drawing

(8:54 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: AHAHAHAHAHAH
(8:54 PM) wendy °: he sit also sit like bong
(8:54 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: AHAHAHAAHAHAHA
(8:54 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: LOL
(8:54 PM) wendy °: like cannot sit straight one
(8:54 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: again again
(8:54 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: ROFL
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: OK
(8:55 PM) wendy °: ehh not bad alrdy can
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: now can blog ledi !!!
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: LOL
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: cute drawin 😀
(8:55 PM) wendy °: yu print screen zit?
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: yea
(8:55 PM) wendy °: LOLs
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
(8:55 PM) wendy °: hahaha bah bah
(8:55 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: lols
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: sit oso canot sit straight
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: AHAHAHAHAHAHA
(8:56 PM) wendy °: yea lor
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: ahahahahaha
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: save ledi the file..
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: later i blog
(8:56 PM) -¤ ιαrrίέ ¹¹ωëи: HOHOHOHOHOHOHOH
(8:56 PM) wendy °: hahahhaa okay okay
(8:56 PM) wendy °: LOLs

hahaha but i didnt blog right after that cos i feel its wasted la just one thing in a post .Then from the drawing Wendy it gave me some idea also , so i started drawing Bong as well .AHAHHAHA

HAHA .there is once me n Seng meet up with Bong for lunch at Rejoice Chicken rice n we saw him smoking with this pose..stand oso didnt stand straight.. LOL

This was a drawing i drew long time b4 , When our fren Seng haven break his shoulder .AHAHA . JAVELIN-ing BONG.

HAHAHA , same pose again .

*Don’t mind bout the ugly drawin , it’s just sketches *

ok wa ok wa , don’t angry ba Bong . AHAHAH . Blame wendy for givin me such idea . =D

We are always a good couple right ? HAHAH

OK , lets talk about today ..hmmm ..nothing much actually , at night went out to Gdg Arcade again , then limteh back home liao . While Bong n Seng went with Ping to Ping’s tauke hse . I didn’t wanna go cos i think there will be alcohol and i don feel like drinking today . so yeap 😀 home ….


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