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YES! the latest parade of magnificent car lineup from Kia has finally arrived in Brunei and being one of my favourite looking cars in the market now. I mean.. can you blame me?

Only 3 vehicles were spotted there, only 2 specs available i think. To tell it apart from its low spec version. This one, the high spec one carries the now popular DRL (Daytime Running Lights) in the foglight area.

Kia’s now trademark tiger-nose grill in all of their lineup now.

Those 4 boxes aren’t just there for design, those are the damn beautiful side signals.

The side grill is just fantastic to look at, feels like a racer! Though the rims, to some are not pleasing to look at, I on the other hand finds it fitting. And yes, added bonus! mirror side signals!

Look at that ass~! design excellence! equipped with dual exhausts for a sporty look and another bonus! rear sensors! and if you look closely, a rear view camera!

Exquisite front end! just shouts CLASS!

Now, this one was taken on a whim, you see, they parked it there with the keys in it (sadly, not Push to Start type because nothing in Brunei is ever HIGH HIGH spec) so we surprisingly could open the door and unable to contain that urge, took a picture. Steering wheel is not fully leather, looks like it though with the covered part( the white padding) is wooden apparently. Complete with paddle shifters, an awesome looking interior and even Bluetooth! Seats are partial leather if I’m correct and steel parts on the accelerator and brakes. All in all, very classy.

Now, the specs. From what we’ve gathered from looking around. it seems to be a 2.4 GLS version on the high spec. Not sure on the low spec one. the 2.4L is from a Hyundai Sonata, the latest one which carries 200bhp IF its engine is a GDi one instead of the normal 2.4L engine carrying only around 178bhp.

I’ve also mentioned earlier that Brunei never imports the HIGH HIGH spec so for the viewers(if there is any left, sorry for the hiatus), I’ve included some pictures of the REAL high spec versions but this is the first batch ones(without the LED and rear sensors).

Damn that beautiful moon-roof! Now I so wish I was working so I can afford one.

Well, that’s it for now. Until next time. Cheers and a Happy CNY to all!



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