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errr…Kevin can post the actual size of the logos..? or i juz use the previous post one logo and let the shop trace thn print out each of them..thn when meet up we see which one nice thn baru can make the decision..? but i need $$$… =X

– i juz make a sticker for my car the size is 5″H x 5.5″L double layer and it cost me $7…soo i guess if these sticker we will be making would be around $3 – $5..? cuz its only single layer and one color..? and i think its rather cheap lorr…i believe u guys can afford it ehh if it cost less than $10..? ahahahahaha

SOO PLZ MAKE UR DECISION NAOOO~!!! jangan buang masa sudah nehhH~ we have been wanting to make it about half a year back liaw lehhh….see how long is it been pending for..?? soo QUICK QUICK QUICK~!! =ppp

and the T-shirt macam mana arhhh..? =X


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There, now u know why it takes some time to reach some places =x Click on picture to view more.

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