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the title says it all.. upcoming animes for fall of 2009,

titles that i am looking forward to:
– Fairy Tail! <- AWESOME!!
– Darker Than Black
– Kampfer
– Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
– Kimi no Todoke
– Sasameki Koto
– Tamagotchi! ROFL! curious how tis would turn out..


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T-Shirts Part II

DVTX Exhaust copyDVTX evaporationshirtDVTX grungearrowshirtDVTX grungearrowshirt whiteDVTX CMYKshirtA new batch. Last few for now. Enjoy. =D

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DVTX Merchandising

dvtx card

No membership fee required! XD

DVTX TechnoShirtDVTX RemixshirtDVTX Arrowshirt whiteDVTX Arrowshirt

T-shirt designs. Yes, I get bored easily. If you want to print, ask me for larger size..and so I can replace the names at the back. I have 3 more designs but in my PC in KL. Will post once I get back.

All designs courtesy of:


Yours truly. =D Freelancing, you know how to contact me. I think. Well, prices are reasonable and can be negotiated, but sometimes heavier workload will be charged accordingly. If you bring me a client I provide commission up to 30%. (Depends on pay as well) If interested in helping out, just let me know.

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Source: http://google.com/images

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It’s only a 1MB file


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woaa…im kinda surprise here , without me maintaining this site , it’s still running well.

All the post are posted in correct catergory ..not bad , hahah. except for some poses.

and woaa , kenny will post up somethin ah , not bad ahh …

=.= zzz i don have a proper internet jus yet .. for those who haven been in contact with me , fyi im doin fine =D .

hehe , in uni now , early for class n tutor not here yet ,

raining ..zzz sleepy ….
done assignment but got rejected and have to redo …

= . = can i don do drawings ? LOL.

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