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yeshh~!! u read it write…he uses a pick-up to DRIFT and burnout in the end…guess he got not enuff $$ to buy a real RWD car to drift soo bo pien go buy the cheap cheap truck and modify it…ahahahah…UNBELIEVABLE~!!

Enjoy and Be Inspired~!! ahaha~

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Upcoming: Kevin Tan – Mar 23rd


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i will

i will upload all the pictures before i leave brunei 😀
so readers , keep visiting for the pictures n stuff 🙂
thank u !

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Have you seen this before..? ahaha









and read this article: http://www.cwfa.org/articles/753/CFI/cfreport/

its not related to the pictures above but its about the harry potter’s broom…IT VIBRATES~!! ahahahah

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Hello Dear Readers

Kevin here. Sort of a long update. More text than images really, haven’t got much to show for now.

Here’s for starters:

4 Course Meal for this Semester

For the appetizer, we’ve got Intro to Internet Design on Monday morning, 9 – 12.30.

And followed by that on Tuesdays morning there’s Design Research 9 – 12.30 for Soup of the Day.

For the main course, there’s Typographic Studies on Wednesday evenings 4.30 – 7.30.

For dessert, we shall be having Marketing in Design on Thursdays, from 9.30 – 4.30.

If there are any leftovers from Wednesday evenings, we shall have them on Friday mornings, 9 – 10.

Anyways, about Design Research… We’re supposed to learn how to write proposals and stuff like that, worth 6 credit hours. That’s the most I’ve encountered so far in all my semesters, and a theory module at that. Kinda weird, but then now I realized why they set it at 6. Anyways, I picked a general topic from the ones the lecturer suggested, -New Media-. Well, New Media is all around us, it’s basically stuff like television, video games and etc..all modern things and all. But in Design sense/terms, that’d be stuff like design softwares, new tools for designers and such. I’ve to integrate -New Media- into something and write a proposal about it.

So right, first off I thought about talking about softwares, then someone wanted to do the same so I shifted off that and turned to hardware. To be precise, tablets. You know, WaCom, Bamboo and all that. Anyways, you all know how much I hate Illustration because I suck at it so badly XD..soo..I was discussing the contents of what my proposal would be with the lecturer, and I mentioned something about maybe creating a new module for design universities which integrate the elements of Illustration and Computer Graphics with tablet as the media.

Aaaand…guess what. Lol, I’m currently in charge of creating a new module for LimKokWing, called Digital Illustration. Soooo..me and my big mouth. Not that it’s a bad thing, cuz it’s also part of my assignment. I have to call up several design universities, check with the board of education and stuff like that to see whether my proposal will be taken into consideration or not. If it does, then they’ll use the module outline I’ve created (not yet) and after that I need to propose a teaching methodology.

It’s kinda stressful, what with the other assignments crwoding in as well. But good luck to me eh? Let’s hope it works out. Hahah, the idea for Digital Illustration is to replace later semesters of Illustration. Why? Because we design students spend so much money buying art materials like marker pens, paper and stuff like that. And if we screw up, we end up throwing those away. Last semester itself the amount of money I spent on marker pens was above RM700+. And guess what? With that amount of money, we could actually afford a decent to above average tablet. And with a tablet, we have access to almost all media that exist for art purposes as in Marker, Acrylic, Water Colour, and etc on the computer. And err yeah..that’s my point so far, gonna expand on that when I write my proposal.


And lastly, here’s a new piece of work from me. Haven’t had much time for this lately, but since I just got myself a new desktop..kinda hard to find wallpapers for this resolution (1920×1080 mind you). Here’s Aizawa Kouichi from Nabari no Ou, total number of layers : above 20+, all work done in Illustrator, 150ppi, 1920x1080px, RGB and time taken about 2 hours. Constructive criticism much appreciated. Btw, this is the 1600x900px version, if you want the HD one just let me know.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll leave the photoblog updates up to Larrie, since he’s most free =X


PS: I’ll do some touching up on the web layout and maybe shift the domain by the end of this year, or earlier if I can manage and find time. I’ve picked up Web Design as one of my subjects, so I think I’ll be adapted to CSS sooner or later. Maybe put up some Flash banners, but that depends on the rest of the members, wherever they are. Ciao folks. =D


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As the title says it all , as one of the admin of this site , im here to apologies on behalf all the other member who had done a great job in contributing lots and tons of interesting,wonderful ,some stupid yet funny content to all the reader around the globe.

Reason of why im writing this is due to the lack of updates recently, or maybe not any update yet since cny (Chinese new year) LOL. I believe everyone of us are havin a hard time tryin to cope up with thier school works again after such a long holiday especially those who come n go from kl n so on n so on 😀 except one person *roll eyes* ME :D, LOL, yesh yesh i admit im being lazy , so tat is why im writing this . HAHAH. But i do have excuses ok , lols , before this , i was so busy outing with the guys n girls , night and days sometimes til morning . WAHLAO – . – . LOL

While now after they are gone , im busy tryin to be a little fit . HAHA. yesh been goin gym with Emerson n Chien hwa , stopped joggin because we find not tat effective. Other than that , helped my mom (A) with chores like keepin the hse clean and at some times teachin my lil sis for her exam bla bla , yaddi yaddi yah . lols.

ok ok ok ok ..i promise ill update the site soon ..ASAP .:D ..
FYI : im still in brunei for those who are wondering outsite there .

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