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believe it or not our long lost “brogger” has finally appear n has even leave a comment in here…he might think “we” soo stupid wont notice it~ AHAHAHAHAHA~ =pp

from previous comment…or shud i say the 1st comment…
bluez038@hotmail.com |

thn this one…perhaps the last one..? O.O
unknown@hotmail.com |

notice the ip address..? LOL~


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new single by jay chou, another great work by him.. u can get the song from me fast, ill send it over.. hehe..


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Following up on the last post, the police have updated us on more information on our missing brogger. He fled the last scene, which is confirmed to be a well renowned hotel in a country that shall not be named for security purposes. After he escaped, he was once again caught in another airport’s security camera trying to make it to his next destination.

This was where he was last seen in person. And do not be fooled by the date. The person who took the picture simply did not recalibrate his/her date and time on the camera. We suspect that he is currently traveling in and out of Canada for some reason. Larrie seems to be touring with a group of unknown rogue travelers for some time, and it seems there is something going on in his mind while he is traveling. (more on this later.)

This is suspected to be one of their camp sites, where they left behind their tents, bottles and belongings following after a raid made by the local police of another country. In what we assume to be Larrie’s tent, according to forensics, we’ve discovered a piece of disturbing note.

Shocking revelation. What does this all mean? =O


More updates to come when we receive more information.

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愛愛愛Love Love Love – 方大同 Khalil Fong

a song by Khalil Fong, great song tat i heard from a fren of mine, out since early 2007, wana share it with u guys.. enjoy~

不要说话 – Eason Chan

this one is sang by Eason, quite a nice song, hope u guys enjoy this too..

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Updates on our missing brogger. We now have new images associated to his disappearance which we obtained in the last few days.

Abang Chua was last seen associated with this shady person. (Citation needed) They were both spotted in a hotel’s hallway making a deal regarding matters which we do not know of.

This is a shot from the CCTV camera in that particular hotel. The two people discussing and making deals.

The closest shot we have before the two ran away after noticing the presence of others amongst them. What is that they hold in their hand? Wish we knew.

Anyways, seriously, regarding any information or images you have  please send them to us or contact us. Thank you.

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Our dear beloved brogger (bro+blogger) has been missing in action since the 31st of July until the present date. Reward money will be presented to anyone who can find him, dead or alive. We’d like to know of his condition. Please contact all above owners if you manage to locate him. He may be aggresive or depressed, but either ways, please lure him with ciggie sticks to tame him. If not, offer him any items related to Leah Dizon.

Here’s more information.

Was caught in the airport’s infrared image scanner a few days ago at night, apparently trying to attempt an escape to an unknown destination.

Also, he likes to paint. I think. Please be on the lookout for him in art stores or art museums.

Is also know to hug random snowmen. We suspect that he may have tried to escape to Canada when he was seen at the airport last night.

He may have been spotted trying to smoke some crack with Native Americans or rather Inuit statues, thinking they’re real.

We urge you, please find our brogger and return him to us. No joke. =O

PS: This was purely for the lulz. And in any case where lulz was not received, we’re sorry. Enjoy.

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Supposed to be Leah lol. First time marker rendering greytone. French Grey, 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 90% marker used. Don’t look very realistic. I know I’m gonna get suan by the Leah fans. >_> Just posting for fun anyways. Done in one night.

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