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Modifications done to the casing instead of just pattern, decided on whole as execution. Comments?

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Interior Design Illusion

Big Wendy The Muscular Whippet ( NO!! not wendy chung )

Illusions Worth A Second Thought

Its all in your mind

Audi Illusion Ad

Print Ad using Illusion

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Homerun Flash Game

Homerun (click here and there —–> (X)

It’s a cute flash game… you dont click with your mouse, just move it left or right, and guide him as far as you can.

5th try – 82m (css)
10th try – 75m (bong)
4th try – 64m (ang)

36th try – 164m (kevin)

21st try – 175m (ang)  ^^V

whose next?

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..right now at 2.48am. XD

Ahh..this is the life. The other bugger in the room wanking/sleeping or both, I’m not sure.

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Thoughts? Lol. For my first assignment this semester. Not really done yet, still need packaging, and shopping bag to go with the products. And why nobody touch here in long time?

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AHAHAHAHAHAHA~ As u all knw our previous school will hav its Gala Night at Rizqun International Hotel on 22nd November ryt…?

The price of the tickets r out redy…$55 per person n if u wan one table de for 11 person $605….n soo im here to ask if u guys really wanna go…if yes….

Shud we book for a table or go buy person by person..? ehehehehe…but liddat we wont b in the same table lagi lorr…Soo how how how..? BOSS…???

Ohhh…n the available tables…GO SEE IT URSELF~ {http://www.stgeorges.edu.bn/70thanni/index.html} 😀

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yeshhh~ our ABANG LARRIE aka LARY’s birthday is TODAY~!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE~!! sorry dint plan anything for u…hehehehehe

but i got something for u……



ok ok the real deal~ 😀

wuisehh~ yentao orhhh~ =pp

hao lien larr…call ppl tak pix thn dun wanna see here…hmphh~

last but not the least….ahahahahaha….sohai bin~ =pp

anyways…here’s ur cake~ ehehehe…make a wish liaww…..but sorry arhhh~ nada candles…ehehehehehe

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