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atlast 😀 , finally..

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lols. was bored…

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*achoo!* sighs..
lols, sien la..
when flu come to visit me , cough n sorethroat wil tag along..LOL
n it usually starts with a headache.
but nvm ..i got my medicine well ready for me..LOL
the green ones look nice 😀 its for migraine headaches, while the orange coloured is for cold n sinus.

hope it won last like bong’s cough las time . which lasted one whole month. hahahah

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yeshh…as the title has mentioned a SN (sohai noob?) is caught wit his BMW 3series parked near foodcourt gdg…..wit about 2 – 3 meters away from the “san”(mountain in chinese)….actually its called the curb but our fren here (mr. jon tee) dint knw how to call it n soo he called it “san”…ahahahaha~

n here’s the pix~ enjoy the laughings..? ehehehehe~

1st pic…from front~ for ur info…this is taken from the top as in not in the same level larr…soo couldnt see clearly actually how many meters it’s away from the curb…notice the terrecan n the 3series..? 😀

from the left…see the distance between the vios n the terrecan’s bak to the 3series…? 😀 it creates traffic jam if ther is car comin from the other side…

i wonder how he can pass the test arhh…giv bribe..? or the pegawai kerlien him soo giv him pass…ehh tee~ if u got tym arhhh….go gdg n see how they park n try learn from them…if not dont tell ppl im ur fren…malu ehhh~ =pp

*paiseh* sorry if the pix is not clear enuff…ehehehehe…im bad in takin pix barr…but bo pien…i wanna share these stuffs wit u guys 🙂

actually this is how ppl use the parkin curb for…soo practice this at home or anywher tee~!! =pp

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Tee in a car trunk

me , shock my life off ..

no comment …

n the winner i guess ? LOL

hahah was killing some time in teck’s car ..traffic jamm ahhh …

btw , go read bout the nex sun eclipse. lol


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As usual , gah! woke up feelin like a shit .LOL not enough sleep
Reach school more shitty somemore.

well , class finished teck n Ang come Md fetch me to lunch.
as usual , i’ll order the same drink . 😀 my honeydew sago ! ..eheheh
heheh we have tee, chien hwa n his gf Yvonne join us today.

hahah yea, its the same photo from previous post
as for the food i didnt have the photo, went to photocopy my sociology notes n stuff and when i come back , my food kena curi makan ledi ..lols
No.15, 17&18 Ground Floor
Bangunan Awang AhmaD Bin
Hj Hassan & Anak-Anak
Kg kiulap, BE1518
Bandar Seri Begawan
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel : +673 223 3938
http://www.teopoihoon.com –> to see more bout the restaurant 😀

wahlao eh , the book n notes cost me $7.60 when it’s only 3 cent per page. Now u can calculate how many pages i photocopied. LOL.

Gahh!! my holybible..LOL i mean , my holy socio bible. my teacher lend it to me cos he say i’ve slacking alot in the classes, n i need to put alot of effort to achieve back my top 10 position las year ? ..sighs…so yea …he lend me this ” secret ingredient to the secret ingredient soup” lols , its done by a previous student who got an A in her A lvl socio ..

After all that , they drop me home . i get changed n we went to the mall again ..Zzzzz…arcade la..where else..LOLs….saw some unwanted person (nope not her, its a him), saw T.nancy as well 😀 ..went over n had some conversation with her . haven seen her for some time. used to tuition in her hse n compete with wendy over the maths score!..lols..- . – but my maths always sucks! AHAHAHAH..some fun time las time.

o.0 owhh..the road to my hse is closing soon , went home n had some rest .
woken up by ” phewww boommm ” again ! ..ahahaha
here some of the pics

it’s all taken thru my room window …:)
sorry ba if not nice..its jus my LG2.0 ok!..
lols. Didnt go out , not didnt go …its CANNOT , road closed.
so yea at home gaming nia..

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heyyaa!! i’m back , cmon give me a warm welcome!!!…
*clap clap clap*
misses my post eh ? :p

hmm, to started off , On thursday nite we spend our time at the pasar malam near my hse. no , not the one near sas chruch. The one near chms one ? the one they call it a car park . hahah. we have Emerson , Ang , Seng , Teck and MeSelf!!.. lols.
Our initial plannin were to meet Emerson outside the public toilet cos it’s easy n it’s the one n only one there, but we got attracted n walked further away . While Emerson ( LOLS so blind , we saw him walkin towards us n we tot he would have spotted us cos his eyes was on our direction. LOLs but he didnt he jus walked passed us*make us feel small* HAHAHAHH , then i yelled at him ” oi , wtf emerson u cant see us ? ” he then realise its us.) tssk tssk , dunno wat was in his mind during tat time..LOLS. oh yea Ang ,teck n seng are wit me ledi cos they park their car at my hse easier due to the road is blocked n closed. So we walked there n meet up emerson . 😀 ..
we had 10 kebab , 8 popia , 4 curry puff ,4 cucuk pisang , 4 some yam stuff , ONE big piece of cucuk Udang.

After scannin stall by stall n bought lots of food we planned to settle down on a ” gerai makan ” so we could sit down n slowly chew our food..:D yummy! we wanted satay as well , so we browse thru every gerai to find the MOST smoked one …;) my theory , more smoke means more customer , more customer means NICE n tasty ..LOL…but yea…we forgot , *roll eyes* our fren teck got asthma cannot smell so much smoke , so we choosed the lease smoke one instead . Settled down had our seats n start chewin LOL. Seng , teck n emerson ordered addition mee goreng incase not full enough . Well , according to seng n teck , the noodle taste like OYSTER SAUSE nothin else..LOL, n the ONE BIG piece of cucuk Udang SUCKS!!! *yucks* damm oily man!!

Done with the food , we planned to meet bong in the mall as he jus came back from KL , but tidak jadi weh. So everyone went home instead n we had hero siege. Sorry no image or photograph of it , lols , our mind too focus on the food ledi ! ..ahahhahaha!!

On friday . Ang said it’s gonna be his las day to spend in the mall ledi so have to accompany him to a watch movie. Hahahah

1hr 50mins, SRD, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Thriller, Adaptation and Sequel
David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Xzibit , Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly
Directed by: Chris C. Carter

This cinematic follow-up to the very popular TV series continues with the complicated relationship between FBI Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) as it takes them to unexpected directions. Mulder continues his unshakable quest for the truth, and Scully – the passionate, ferociously intelligent physician – remains inextricably tied to Mulder’s pursuits.

hahah , basically we had two choices between Journey to the centre of the earth n this The X-files.
so we made a voting which to watch , Me, seng , bong said we wan Xfiles!!! and yea majority winss!! yaye!hahaha.
sadly , its not like wat we expected because ” The x-files” usually involve stuff like aliens , unexplainable extra-ordinary phenomena. This one only involved in some serial killer and some “Frankenstein”. hahah, but it’s stil good tho jus tat not awesomeee…LOL if u get wat i mean.

” du du du du du du du ~~” the theme song of x files are stil the same 😀 ..ahahahah

After the movie we all went back home cos i stil have classes the nex day n its kinda late liao , no time to limteh oso :(.. hahaha

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