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Lol, which one you guys like? Ahahahaha.


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caught kenny diggin his nose =x AHAHAHAHAHAH

kevin~ surrounded wit laptop , DS, PS2..lols

kerlien ah teck, he look so bored (except for the part seng play hulk, we enjoyed the laugh!!)

as for myself ? seh ka liao..AHAHAHAHAHA, (lai la jump n mario kart!!, lai la bleach!!)

the rest of them, my hand not long enough to get a clear shot on wat they are doin
n some of the pictures is wit kevin (edit n upload into this post kevin)

started from 2.30pm
ended at 5.30am

¤ яίέо

EDIT: The truth behind the lies. Things you never knew, the existance of the second(or first) donut box!!

*GASP!* Who took a bite!? Lol..It was only me.

Suspect : No, it wasn’t me! I didn’t do it!!! Don’t make me eat you! RAWR!!!

The hand goes in to take a donut, only to find that someone else had taken one before him. Ahaha..Kenny ahhh..

And then God shaped a hand in the sky..I guess he wants donuts too, lol.

If you’re wondering what this is about, it’s about the 2 boxes of Donuts that Kenny bought ahaha. The first box devoured by Larrie, Kenny and I. Quote: “Men can’t resist temptation.” Ahaha. More pictures coming after I resize..

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thursday nite… go mall~/
friday go thien thien if its possible
sat go mall thn limteh
sun gym?
mon school recommence.
tues 2nd day of skool(larry might ponteng class)
wed 3rd day of skool (larry might ponteng class)
thurs nite~ go limteh
friday – gym? exercise?
sat – wmmt3 or BOOZE! BABEH!
sun thien thien if possbile AGAIN~ or ESCAPADE

copy paste from seng in the ‘bored’ post.

wat u guys think?

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Oh My God!


Feejee Mermaid ( WTF)






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errr…mr.admin..? i got a request here…ehehehehe…was thinkin if we can add a chatroom or somethin here..? for those visitors to leave msg or watever..? ehehehehe…of coz its not a must larr…its up to u tho~ =pp

shud we go by votes..?

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Lol, as the title says, Sien. Someone take me out? T_T Lol, A4 sized, can be used as mini poster. 3 colour combination for simplicity, something perhaps from Swiss movement, maybe Bauhaus or De Stijl..whatever la lol. Enjoy. Print quality won’t be that good I think..its not CMYK format. Well, anyone have any bright ideas about the next outing, can post up here


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bump bump bump bump

bump bump bump bump

bump bump bump bump

bump bump bump bump

¤ яίέо

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